How to use script to get all Oracle EBS Concurrent Program/R

How to use script to get all Oracle EBS Concurrent Program/Report name and corresponding execution file name

SELECT fcp.concurrent_program_name,fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name,fcp.EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE,flv.meaning   FROM FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS fcp,FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS_TL fcpt,fnd_lookup_values flv WHERE fcp.CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_ID = fcpt.CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_IDAND flv.lookup_type = 'CP_EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE'   AND fcp.EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE = flv.lookup_code AND fcpt.LANGUAGE = 'US'AND flv.LANGUAGE = 'US'AND fcp.application_id = 401 --Inventory Module ORDER BY fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name;
NOTE1:使用SELECT * FROM fnd_application来查找模块的application_id

NOTE2: Concurrent Program TYPE(PL/SQL,Oracle Reports...)
SELECT lookup_code,meaning
FROM fnd_lookup_values
ORDER BY lookup_code;

Sample Output(Inventory Module)

INVTRREG@Tax Preference ReportOracle Reports
INVARAASABC assignments reportOracle Reports
INVARAAS_XMLABC assignments report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARADVABC descending value reportOracle Reports
INVARADV_XMLABC descending value report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSRAALAccount alias listingOracle Reports
INVSRAAL_XMLAccount alias listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVUPMSTActivate>INVLOTAGAge update For Lot AttributesPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INV3PLBILLINGUNITSCalculate Billing UnitsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
MRPATPRSCalculate Resource Supply for ATPPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCPCLOSClose Period ControlPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCAACCompile ABC analysisSpawned
INCFIFCompile item forecastSpawned
INVCCIDPConsigned Inventory DiagnosticsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INV_CONSOLIDATE_ONHANDConsolidate Inventory>INVISCORCopy Inventory OrganizationJava Concurrent Program
INVISCORPCopy Inventory Organization interface Data PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCORPPCopy Inventory Organization Report Data PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCGUGBCostgroup upgrade for closed periodsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCTXNMCreate Consumption AdvicePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCTXCWCreate Consumption Advice WorkerPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INV_CREATE_DEF_TXNSCreate Deferred Logical TransactionsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCIAPCreate Intercompany AP InvoicesSpawned
INCIARCreate Intercompany AR InvoicesSpawned
INCIDVCreate item flexfield viewSpawned
INVIRCOCCustomer Item Commodity Codes ListingOracle Reports
INVIRCOC_XMLCustomer Item Commodity Codes Listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRCXRCustomer Item Cross References ReportOracle Reports
INVIRCXR_XMLCustomer Item Cross References Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRCITCustomer Items ReportOracle Reports
INVIRCIT_XMLCustomer Items Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
MTL_CCEOI_WORKERCycle Count Entries Open Interface WorkerPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVARCTACycle count entries and adjustments reportOracle Reports
INVARCTA_XMLCycle count entries and adjustments report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARHMACycle count hit/miss analysisOracle Reports
INVARHMA_XMLCycle count hit/miss analysis (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARCLICycle count listingOracle Reports
INVARCLI_XMLCycle count listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARORECycle count open requests listingOracle Reports
INVARORE_XMLCycle count open requests listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARRTACycle count schedule requests reportOracle Reports
INVARRTA_XMLCycle count schedule requests report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARUIRCycle count unscheduled items reportOracle Reports
INVARUIR_XMLCycle count unscheduled items report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARCPACycle counts pending approval reportOracle Reports
INVARCPA_XMLCycle counts pending approval report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCAAADefine ABC assignmentsSpawned
INCACSDelete Concurrent RequestSpawned
BOMRDDELGDelete Items Report GUIOracle Reports
BOMRDDELG_XMLDelete Items Report GUI (XML)Java Concurrent Program
BOMRDDELDelete items reportOracle Reports
BOMRDDEL_XMLDelete items report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTRELTExpired lots reportOracle Reports
INVTRELT_XMLExpired lots report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
MTL_CCEOI_EXPORTExport cycle count entries to open interfacePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVPRFRLForecast rule listingOracle Reports
INVPRFRL_XMLForecast rule listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCAPFFreeze physical inventorySpawned
INVSRFRTFreight carrier listingOracle Reports
INVSRFRT_XMLFreight carrier listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVLTGENGenealogy ReportsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVKBCGNGenerate Kanban CardsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVLOCGenerate Stock Locator Flexfield definition for Mobile TransactionsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCACSGenerate automatic schedule requestsSpawned
INCACGGenerate cycle count requestsSpawned
INCAPTGenerate physical inventory tagsSpawned
INVGTPGGlobal Transaction PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVGRACHGGrade Change History ReportPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVHVTPGHigh Volume Transaction PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVMBTRXINV Transaction WorkerPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCIINTXImport Customer Item Cross ReferencesPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCIINTImport Customer ItemsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCOINImport ItemsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
MTL_CCEOI_IMPORTImport cycle count entries from open interfacePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVIRSLOInactive items reportOracle Reports
INVIRSLO_XMLInactive items report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCACIInitialize cycle count itemsSpawned
INVSRIOSInter-organization shipping information listingOracle Reports
INVSRIOS_XMLInter-organization shipping information listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVCHGPUInventory Charges and Product Usage ReportOracle Reports
INVGIAUPInventory Item Update ProcessorPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVAOPRInventory Option Report -DISABLEDOracle Reports
INVINPSRInventory Packing SlipOracle Reports
INVINPSR_XMLInventory Packing Slip (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVGIPPRInventory Position ProcessorPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVGIPPGInventory Position PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVGIPPAInventory Position Purge AllPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCTCWInventory transaction workerImmediate
INV_ITEM_CAT_GRP_ELE_OIItem Catalog Group Element Open InterfacePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INV_ITEM_CAT_ASSIGN_OIItem Category Assignment Open InterfacePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVITEMORG_ASSIGNItem Organization AssignmentPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVIRCATItem categories reportOracle Reports
INVIRCAT_XMLItem categories report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRXRFItem cross-references listingOracle Reports
INVIRXRF_XMLItem cross-references listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRITDItem definition detailOracle Reports
INVIRITD_XMLItem definition detail (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRITSItem definition summaryOracle Reports
INVIRITS_XMLItem definition summary (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVPRFDHItem demand history reportOracle Reports
INVPRFDH_XMLItem demand history report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRISQItem quantities summaryOracle Reports
INVIRISQ_XMLItem quantities summary (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRRITItem relationships listingOracle Reports
INVIRRIT_XMLItem relationships listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRRCRItem replenishment count reportOracle Reports
INVIRRCR_XMLItem replenishment count report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVDRRSVItem reservations reportOracle Reports
INVDRRSV_XMLItem reservations report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRDISItem statuses reportOracle Reports
INVIRDIS_XMLItem statuses report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRTMPItem template listingOracle Reports
INVIRTMP_XMLItem template listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSRISAItem-subinventory reportOracle Reports
INVSRISA_XMLItem-subinventory report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIDSEPItems Data Scripts ExecutionPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVSRLOCLocator listingOracle Reports
INVSRLOC_XMLLocator listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRILCLocator quantities reportOracle Reports
INVIRILC_XMLLocator quantities report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVLSDATLot And Serial Date NotificationPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVLOTINVLot Inventory ReportPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVLOTMASLot Master ReportPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVTRLNTLot transaction registerOracle Reports
INVTRLNT_XMLLot transaction register (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSHPRCMaterial Shortage Check ProcessorPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVMSCHRMaterial Status Change History ReportOracle Reports
INVMSCHR_XMLMaterial Status Change History Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVMATSTAMaterial Status Definition ReportPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVMSWHUMaterial Status Where-Used ReportOracle Reports
INVMSWHU_XMLMaterial Status Where-Used Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTRDSTMaterial account distribution detailOracle Reports
INVTRDST_XMLMaterial account distribution detail (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTRACSMaterial account distribution summaryOracle Reports
INVTRACS_XMLMaterial account distribution summary (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCTCCMaterial cost transaction processorSpawned
INVISMMXMin-max planning reportOracle Reports
INVISMMX_XMLMin-max planning report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRMMXMin-max planning report - supercededFlexRpt
INVTOPKLMove Order Pick SlipOracle Reports
INVTOPKL_XMLMove Order Pick Slip (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVMOPGMove Order PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVGIDEPMovement Statistics Data ExportPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVMVTEXMovement Statistics Exception ReportOracle Reports
INVMVTEX_XMLMovement Statistics Exception Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVCMVTMovement Statistics ProcessorPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVSTMVTMovement Statistics ReportOracle Reports
INVSTMVT_XMLMovement Statistics Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVCMVTSTMovement Statistics Reset StatusPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCPRGMovement Statistics Transaction PurgingPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVIRMOQMultiple organization item quantities summaryFlexRpt
INVCPOPENOpen Period ControlPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVORGESOrganization Hierarchy Exceptions ReportOracle Reports
INVORGES_XMLOrganization Hierarchy Exceptions Report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSROPTOrganization parameters listingOracle Reports
INVSROPT_XMLOrganization parameters listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVRCWSRPAR Replenishment Count WorksheetOracle Reports
INVRCWSR_XMLPAR Replenishment Count Worksheet (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCAPAPerform physical inventory AdjustmentsSpawned
INVTRCLSPeriod close value summaryOracle Reports
INVTRCLS_XMLPeriod close value summary (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPTPPhysical Inventory TagsOracle Reports
INVARPTP_XMLPhysical Inventory Tags (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPIAPhysical inventory accuracy analysisOracle Reports
INVARPIA_XMLPhysical inventory accuracy analysis (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPARPhysical inventory adjustments reportOracle Reports
INVARPAR_XMLPhysical inventory adjustments report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPSLPhysical inventory counts reportOracle Reports
INVARPSL_XMLPhysical inventory counts report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPMTPhysical inventory missing tag listingOracle Reports
INVARPMT_XMLPhysical inventory missing tag listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPTGPhysical inventory tag listingOracle Reports
INVARPTG_XMLPhysical inventory tag listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVARPTSPhysical inventory trend and summary analysisOracle Reports
INVARPTS_XMLPhysical inventory trend and summary analysis (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCTPKPick Release ServerSpawned
INVSRPLNPlanner listingOracle Reports
INVSRPLN_XMLPlanner listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVccieRPrint Cycle Count Entries Open Interface dataOracle Reports
INVCCIER_XMLPrint Cycle Count Entries Open Interface data (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVKBCPRPrint Kanban CardsOracle Reports
INVKBCPR_XMLPrint Kanban Cards (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCDCMProcess demand interfaceImmediate
INCRPRProcess replenishment countsSpawned
INCTCMProcess transaction interfaceImmediate
INV_EBI_PUBLISH_ECOPublish Engineering Change Order UpdatesJava Concurrent Program
INV_EBI_PUBLISH_ITEM_ATTRPublish Item Attributes UpdatesJava Concurrent Program
INV_EBI_PUBLISH_ITEM_BALPublish Item Balance UpdatesJava Concurrent Program
INVPOPSRPurchasing Packing SlipOracle Reports
INVPOPSR_XMLPurchasing Packing Slip (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCAAPPurge ABC informationSpawned
MTL_CCEOI_PURGEPurge cycle count entries open interfacePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCACPPurge cycle count informationSpawned
INCAPPPurge physical inventory informationSpawned
INCRPGPurge replenishment countsSpawned
INCTPGPurge transaction historySpawned
INCDSSReload safety stocksSpawned
INVIRROPReorder point planning reportFlexRpt
INVGCORPReport - Copy Inventory OrganizationOracle Reports
INVIOICRERequest Set IOI CREATE Parallel ProcessingPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVIOIUPDRequest Set IOI UPDATE Parallel ProcessingPL/SQL Stored Procedure
IOICREATE5Request Set Stage IOICREATE5 -  Request Set IOI CREATE Parallel ProcessingPL/SQL Stored Procedure
IOIUPDATE5Request Set Stage IOIUPDATE5 -  Request Set IOI UPDATE Parallel ProcessingPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVRSVINReservations Interface ManagerPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INV_RSV_UPGRADEReservations Upgrade ProgramSQL*Plus
INCTSN_SRSSerial GenerationPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVIRSNOSerial number detailOracle Reports
INVIRSNO_XMLSerial number detail (XML)Java Concurrent Program
SERIAL_NUMBER_GENERATIONSerial number generationPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVTRSNTSerial number transaction registerOracle Reports
INVTRSNT_XMLSerial number transaction register (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSRSHMShip Method ReportFlexRpt
INVSRSPTShortage Parameter reportOracle Reports
INVSRSPT_XMLShortage Parameter report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTRSHSShortages Summary reportOracle Reports
INVTRSHS_XMLShortages Summary report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRDSTStatus attributes listingOracle Reports
INVIRDST_XMLStatus attributes listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSRSUBSubinventory listingOracle Reports
INVSRSUB_XMLSubinventory listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVIRSIQSubinventory quantities reportOracle Reports
INVIRSIQ_XMLSubinventory quantities report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTURNSSummarize BalancesPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVTURNITMSSummarize Balances at Item Level for Open PeriodsPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCFDHSummarize demand historiesSpawned
INVTMLPRTransaction PurgePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVTPGWBTransaction Purge WorkerPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVCCTCATransaction by CC and AccountOracle Reports
INVTRHANTransaction historical summaryOracle Reports
INVTRHAN_XMLTransaction historical summary (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTRREGTransaction registerOracle Reports
INVTRREG_XMLTransaction register (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVTRSTSTransaction source type summaryOracle Reports
INVTRSTS_XMLTransaction source type summary (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVSRUOMUnit of measure listingOracle Reports
INVSRUOM_XMLUnit of measure listing (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INCIPSUpdate item statuses with pending statusesPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INCAPFUpgrade Depreciation DetailSpawned
INCTPGUpgrade Encumbrance balancesSpawned
INVLSUPGUpgrade Lot and Serial AttributesPL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVONHSPVMI>INCRVLValidate replenishment interfaceSpawned
INVTRVLTVendor lot trace reportOracle Reports
INVTRVLT_XMLVendor lot trace report (XML)Java Concurrent Program
INVMRMQTView Multiple  Organization  Quantity ReportOracle Reports
INVM2MQTView Multiple Organization Quantity Report (180 col format)Oracle Reports
INVMOQDWarehouse Inventory (Onhand) Report messagePL/SQL Stored Procedure
INVADJSTWarehouse Inventory Adjustment AdvicePL/SQL Stored Procedure
AZAPITESTERiSetup API  testing concurrent programJava Concurrent Program

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