DBeaver 社区版 4.2.2 发布,数据库管理工具


DBeaver 4.2.2(社区版)已发布,更新内容如下:

  • Eclipse Oxygen (E4.7) is now default base platform. A lot of minor improvements/fixes comes along with it

  • Chinese, Russian, German localizations are back in beta test

  • Results viewer: UUID value transformer (from binary) was added

  • Results viewer: multi-cell paste support was added

  • Results viewer: aggregate functions for char/varchar columns

  • Results viewer: filter editor dialog UI was fixed

  • Connection invalidate timeout was added

  • Workspace preference page was added in standalone version

  • database navigator refresh performance was fixed

  • Extra command line parameters support (-closeTabs, -disconnectAll)

  • SQL Editor: delimiters parser was fixed ($$ delimiters)

  • SQL Editor: unsafe queries (DELETE/update without WHERE) warning was added

  • SQL Editor: server-side ouput reading was redesigned (output for scripts was fixed)

  • SQL Editor: SQL completion preference page was fixed (global search)

  • SQL Editor: SQL completion for unicode identifiers was fixed

  • SQL Editor: parameters binding (NULL value) was fixed

  • SQL Editor: status message update was fixed

  • ER diagrams: column comments now can be enabled on diagram

  • ER diagrams: dark theme support was fixed (css)

  • Object filters was fixed (asterisk in schema names)

  • Oracle: zero scale for numeric data types

  • Oracle: REF CURSOR read was fixed (in value view dialog)

  • PostgreSQL: big table data export was fixed (memory consumption)

  • PostgreSQL: table indexes DDL was fixed (read from server)

  • PostgreSQL: sequences were excluded from table list

  • PostgreSQL: NULL array elements reading was fixed

  • Firebird: column charsets, binary columns support was added

  • PrestoDB driver config was added

  • UI freeze on transactions isolation level detect was fixed

  • Minor UI fixes

可以看到,该版本使用 Eclipse Oxygen (E4.7) 作为默认基础平台,并且添加了连接无效超时的提醒,还添加了 PrestoDB 驱动程序的配置,以及次要的 UI 修复。



DBeaver 是一个通用的数据库管理工具和 SQL 客户端,支持 mysql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Mimer, HSQLDB, Derby, 以及其他兼容 JDBC 的数据库。

DBeaver 提供一个图形界面用来查看数据库结构、执行 SQL 查询和脚本,浏览和导出数据,处理 BLOB/CLOB 数据,修改数据库结构等等。

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