Spring Framework 5.0 goes GA

Dear Spring community,

It is my pleasure to announce that, after more than a year of milestones and RCs and almost two years of development overall, Spring Framework 5.0 is finally generally available as 5.0.0.RELEASE from repo.spring.io and Maven Central!

This brand-new generation of the framework is ready for 2018 and beyond: with support for JDK 9 and the Java EE 8 API level (e.g. Servlet 4.0), as well as comprehensive integration with Reactor 3.1, JUnit 5, and the Kotlin language. On top of that all, Spring Framework 5 comes with many functional API variants and introduces a dedicated reactive web framework called Spring WebFlux, next to a revised version of our Servlet-based web framework Spring MVC.

A few resources with details about this release:

  • What’s New in Spring Framework 5.0
  • Migrating to Spring Framework 5.0
  • Our official Spring Framework 5 FAQ
  • Our fresh reference documentation
  • Pieter’s comprehensive article Reacting to Spring Framework 5.0 on the Pivotal blog

Let’s not forget our upcoming live events:

  • We’ll be doing a Spring Framework 5.0 release webinar next week. Come and join us!
  • And of course, the best place to learn about our recent developments is our conference SpringOne Platform 2017 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in early December!


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