Endian Firewall 3.2.4 发布,统一风险管理工具

Endian Firewall 3.2.4 版本发布,Endian Firewall是一份统一风险管理工具,它保护网络并改善连接性能。基于Red Hat Enterprise linux,Endian Firewall百分之百地源码开放,并广泛包含多种功能部件,例如状态检测防火墙、HTTP/FTP病毒防护、内容过滤、POP3/SMTP病毒防护、反网络钓鱼和反垃圾邮件工具、SSL/TLS虚拟专用网、入侵检测系统,以及其他一些功用。


  • Bug CORE-1396 Jobsengine unresponsive logging "Too many open files"

  • Bug CORE-1521 Network interfaces change order

  • Bug CORE-1637 Missing error message in NetworkMultiIPS validator

  • Bug CORE-1706 Fix notifications functions update_patterndb

  • Bug CORE-1713 Missing old smartarray and perc driver

  • Bug CORE-1735 Change how DataSource handle missing path

  • Bug CORE-1763 Fix default endian daemons config path

  • Bug CORE-1779 Redis is using the wrong configuration file on 3.10 and 5.0 * Bug CORE-1834 Proxy HTTP button incorrectly displayed on some products

  • Bug CORE-1850 An invalid exit code in a Job action prevents successive Job execution

  • ……



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