CodeMirror 5.30.0 发布,在线代码编辑器


CodeMirror 5.30.0 已发布,CodeMirror 是一款“Online Source Editor”,基于 Javascript,短小精悍,实时在线代码高亮显示,它不是某个富文本编辑器的附属产品,而是许多大名鼎鼎的在线代码编辑器的基础库。


  • Fixed a number of issues with drawing right-to-left selections and mouse selection in bidirectional text.

  • search addon: Fix crash when restarting search after doing empty search.

  • mark-selection addon: Fix off-by-one bug.

  • tern addon: Fix bad request made when editing at the bottom of a large document.

  • javascript mode: Improve parsing in a number of corner cases.

  • markdown mode: Fix crash when a sub-mode doesn't support indentation, allow uppercase X in task lists.

  • gfm mode: Don't highlight SHA1 'hashes' without numbers to avoid false positives.

  • soy mode: Support injected data and @param in comments.



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