GitLab v9.3.0 正式版发布,代码托管平台


GitLab v9.3.0 正式版终于发布了!GitLab 是一个利用 Ruby on Rails 开发的开源应用程序,实现一个自托管的 Git 项目仓库,可通过 Web 界面访问公开或者私人项目。


  • Refactored gitlab:app:check into systemCheck liberary and improve some checks. !9173

  • Add an ability to cancel attaching file and redesign attaching files UI. !9431 (blackst0ne)

  • Add Aliyun OSS as the backup storage provider. !9721 (Yuanfei Zhu)

  • Add suport for find_local_branches GRPC from Gitaly. !10059

  • Allow manual bypass of auto_sign_in_with_provider with a new param. !10187 (Maxime Besson)

  • Redirect to user's keys index instead of user's index after a key is deleted in the admin. !10227 (Cyril Jouve)

  • Changed Blame to Annotate in the UI to promote blameless culture. !10378 (Ilya Vassilevsky)

  • Implement ability to update deploy keys. !10383 (Alexander Randa)

  • Allow numeric values in gitlab-ci.yml. !10607 (blackst0ne)

  • Add a feature test for Unicode trace. !10736 (dosuken123)

  • ……



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